The principal source of fundraising is through our hotel guests. It is our intention to add a small amount to the bill of each guest on departure for subsequent distribution by the Charity’s Trustees; however, guests have the right to have the amount deducted from their bill should they so choose.

Additionally, we run events during the course of each year that enable our staff to participate in the scheme by, say, assisting at children’s parties held in the hotel or volunteering to assist in car wash promotions for guests’ vehicles. There is also the opportunity for staff to contribute directly to Embassy of Man by allowing a deduction from their pay

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Our Vision is to make a positive difference in both the local community and worldwide.

We do this by helping underprivileged children, the physically handicapped and the elderly by; giving only tangible goods, transparent giving, reporting back to supporters, staff involvement on various levels and raising awareness of needs in local communities